May 27, 2009

Make a WISH... Sneak peek!

Yesterday we met with a rep for Wish Clothing out of Australia. We're so excited about this gorgeous line, and we'll have it in-store by the end of September. The cuts are insanely flattering and so well done. Having grown up in a vintage couture shop, owned a boutique and worked in the industry for 16 years- it's hard for me to get too excited  by contemporary tailoring. But I have to say, I was completely impressed by the architecture of this particular line. Kannyn and I tried a few pieces on, and realized right away that this was something special. Wish designer Annette Cannock has magically integrated vintage patterns and very classic cuts with a thoroughly contemporary look and feel; or as she says: "perfectly beautiful but ultimately completely wearable". I couldn't agree more. Can't wait to share this line with you. It's truly a Wish come true.
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