August 26, 2009

84 Pieces of perfection...

Right now we're working very hard *ahem* to get 84 brand new pieces of Hard Tail out on the floor for you. Of course they look amazing, but the greatest appeal of a brand like Hard Tail is their commitment to excellence and the level of quality they've put out since day one. Personally, I have Hard Tail pieces that I've been wearing for 15 years, and they still look (and feel) fantastic. Between work, children, cooking and playing with horses on a regular basis- this is an incredible feat. I'm abnormally hard on my clothes and Hard Tail has stood the test of time like no other brand in my closet. I'm thrilled to carry it here and proud to stand behind each piece. Come enjoy it first hand and see the very newest offerings from Hard Tail for Autumn/Winter '09 at AMBIANCE! :) Hope to see you soon, Coral
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