April 30, 2010

Q&A with Artist/Designer, Anastasia Thompson of "Heaven" & "Sacred Treasures"

ANASTASIA THOMPSON has been creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry by hand for more than 25 years. She holds a firm place as one of the foremost designers on the Central Coast. Her instantly-recognizable work sets both she and the lucky wearer apart from the crowd.

Her most recent line of jewelry brings her passion of antique and vintage devotional pieces to life, as she creates new designs with these treasures she loves collecting. It is these works of art that inspire the designs for her hand-painted clothing line.

Ambiance is proud to feature such a creative and dynamic woman in this, our first ever artist profile.

Q. Hi Stasi! Please briefly describe your creative process, from concept to finish...

A. Well, that is hard to say, as the hunting is the first part... estate sales, flea markets, etc... for vintage chains and such. After getting back to the studio, the focal pieces speak to me... then things just come together. At that point it could be hours or merely moments.

Q. What do you hope to convey with your work?

A. What I'm doing is breathing new life into reclaimed vintage items. Once each piece is lovingly re-created, it is cherished again for years to come.

Q. In terms of inspiration, what are you excited about right now?

A. Well, I have always tried to be true to my real passion which is antique devotional relics. Then designing new, wearable art from them. But my latest creations have been from finding beautiful, eclectic vintage objects; and with a more organic approach, turning these discovered treasures into environmentally responsible, intimate creations. Hence the name, "Sacred Treasures”.

Q. What first inspired you to become an artist/designer?

A. As a child I excelled in art... it was truly a gift from God; and I have always felt the need to share it in a positive way.

Q. What handmade possession do you cherish most?

A. My grandparents were artists as well and I have many of their handmade treasures. If I had to chose just one it would have to be a beautiful carving of a praying Mary that my grandfather carved out a single piece of wood.

Q. Apart from creating things, what do you do?

A. I am a singer and a drummer, and I love to play and record music with my husband, who is a guitar player, songwriter and recording genius.

Q. Finish this sentence: "In 10 years, I'd like to be..."

A. A working artist known for making art that touches people in a way that it does to me while I am creating it.


If you're not already familiar with her amazing work, make a point of checking it out in person at Ambiance: 737 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo.

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