October 10, 2011

Ambiance it-girl & artist extraordinaire, Diane Fleming!

If you don't know Diane Fleming, you are missing out! I had the pleasure of sitting down with her this week, bugging her with my off-beat q+a, and doing a couple of laps around the shop with this gorgeous woman. Given the opportunity, I'd highly recommend you do the same.

Here's what I learned:

1. Diane is ridiculously talented.

She's been painting for nearly 40 years. Daily, weekly... consistently. Talk about a dedication to your craft!

2. Diane is a fashionista.

She's so incredibly on-trend, and hip to the fashion game- that at any moment she might be
snatched off the sidewalk, and exported to Hollywood to become the next major celebrity stylist. "I love fashion. I've been shopping in Ambiance for about 15 years!" Trolling the racks with her is like a crash-course in what-to-wear à la mode.

3. Diane is a leopard-lover, a knitter, and a bit of a magpie.

Purring through the racks in this Season's coveted Current Elliott leopard Stilletto jeans, she instructs, "Every woman needs some leopard in her wardrobe". Her attention to detail is impeccable- inspecting a plush sweater she holds it close to point out the quality of the knit, "I'm a knitter, so I appreciate the work put into this piece." Suddenly she spies a black top, sequined to within an inch of its life... "Oooh, I love how this glitters. Sometimes you just need a little sparkle!", she muses.

4. Diane is inspired, and inspiring.

DianeFleming ptng

Taking her greatest inspiration from fashion and the human form, she worked for nearly six weeks on the Untitled, mixed-media piece, which is currently taking pride of place in AMBIANCE. "It's taken from a recent Vogue spread, actually. I just tweaked it", she laughs - as though anyone can do this. You know, no big deal...

5. Diane is a sweetheart, and she exemplifies what it means to be a lady.

After a little scheduling conflict, she presented me with a lovely bottle of wine for my troubles (which were really no trouble at all). But check out the manners on this woman, and take note.
Okay, so needless to say, we love her. Stop by AMBIANCE this month to take a peek at Diane's beautiful mixed-media painting. And in honor of our lovely friend, mention (or show us) the code: DIANE-LOVES-LEOPARD for 15% off one item throughout October.

Thank you, Diane, for sharing your talent, your vision, and your example.
Here's looking forward to the next 15 years with you!

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