November 5, 2011

Novembrrrrr trend alert!

Yesterday my flower boxes were full of little pearls of hail! I jumped up and down like crazy person excitedly proclaiming "IT'S SNOWING!" until my children corrected me. :( The next logical step? Pull on my trusty rubber boots, hop, skip, and puddle-jump my way over to AMBIANCE, of course! I had my eye on the cozy little leopard topper in that photo of Alex up above. One word... perfection. I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, working, wearing it around the house, and finally... I ended the day with a few art shows- leopard beret firmly intact. A great example of the sort of affordable, functional, and chic accessories that can really elevate an ensemble and feel truly special. Shout out to Danielle at Finders Keepers, who spotted it and wasted no time snatching one of her own. She knows a good buy when she sees it. Stop in to AMBIANCE now to grab your own cozy winter goodies!