December 8, 2011

Girl about (down) town...


Of course we all know that now more than ever, it's so important to support our mom & pop local shops. But the constant bombardment of DEALS, SPECIAL OFFERS, and CAN'T-MISS CLEARANCE PRICES in my email inbox makes it really hard sometimes. It's tough to resist the convenience of shopping in my jammies after the kids are in bed, and merchandise delivered right to my door. No crowds, no craziness, no fuss.

But guess what... eventually this convenience costs us something.
No more mom & pop.

It makes me sad to imagine that our sweet, quaint town is under threat of corporate siege- but it's very true. Unless we make an effort to *ahem* get out of our jammies, off our couches, and out the door, those adorable shops, boutiques, and specialty stores that make SLO so darn cool will be edged out by the giants. I'm doing my part by focusing on locally-owned businesses for my Holiday shopping, and for the outfits that inspire me to get dressed! 'Cos you know what... Papyrus won't be inviting you in for a Holiday Party, Victoria's Secret won't be throwing a free pair of panties in your bag- just because they love you, the people at the GAP won't give you a hug and ask about your mom, and don't expect the Starbucks Barristas to make super awesome foam art in your latte- just 'cos.

Hey, I'll tell you something else... as someone who lives and works downtown, you should know that there really aren't any crowds to contend with, and there are some truly amazing pre-Christmas deals going on right now. Even the parking spaces have been pretty plentiful lately!
Excuses, excuses... Yeah, what else ya got? ;)


My go-to Holiday gear...

Up-cycled fur vest: FINDER'S KEEPERS (Garden St.)
Raglan, Fair-Isle Leggings, J.Brand Floral Boots: AMBIANCE (737 Higuera St.)
French Market Tote: HABITAT (777 Marsh St.)
D.I.Y. Holiday Cards, Wax Seals & Stamp: PAPER SKY (Higuera St.)
Cloth Napkins: PICKING DAISIES (Creamery)
Jeff Claassen Greeting Card: CLAASSEN GALLERY (774 Marsh St.)
Teensy Antique Lamp, Vintage Charm Bracelet: RUBY ROSE (1335 Walker St.)
Fresh, locally-grown mistletoe: FARMERS MARKET (Higuera St.)

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