January 27, 2012

Spring me the glitter...


If it looks like Spring, and feels like Spring...

I know we're still technically in the throes of Winter- I'm reminded of this every morning when I look out the window and see that my poor little flowers have struggled through another cold night. But the days are bright, warm, and glowing. What does this have to do with the outfit post? Well, we've had the most unbelievably beautiful weather this week, that I find myself in a very Spring-y mindset! Kinda sorta. It's a hybrid... let me explain. Remember all the glitter, sequins and bedazzle we saw through the Holidays? Well, I'm secretly really excited about it still! There's that quote about glitter being the herpes of the art world- and yeah, I guess that extends to fashion, but... I can't help it.
I'm infected with sparkles!

The color Gods at Pantone tells us that Tangerine Tango is the it color for 2012, but I'm not on board with that just yet. Outside of my Rhodia notebooks, anyway... However, I do find myself really attracted to the saturated jewel tones we normally reserve for Holiday... pops of garnet, sapphire, amethyst, emerald, chalcedony, and a little turquoise. We typically see these hues with darker pairings of satin, wool, or (that ubiquitous Holiday fabric...) velvet. For Spring I like these colors lightened up and paired with creams, cotton lace, and eyelet.


For the time being, I'm still in jeans almost every day, but I'm pairing them with sparkly shoes, lots of baubles, and overly-embellished hair accessories (like the headband and sequined barrettes seen here). As the weather warms up, I'll be moving into full skirts with quirky little sweaters (like the one in this one by Charlotte Tarantola), but I'll stick with my sparkly shoes and girly accessories at least until Summer time.


Ok, let's talk about this skirt... Dost thou eyes deceive thee? No. That, my friends, is gold lamé. Poor lamé got a really bad rap back in the 80's when it became de rigueur for horrendous ruffled, one-shouldered, Prom dresses. I know you know what I'm talking about, ladies... But I'm liberating it! I got this vintage Esprit skirt specifically for the Ambiance Holiday party- but it's way too fabulous to be a one trick pony! Toned down for daytime with flats, a fitted sweater, and a cotton tote, the gold borders on neutral. In fact, I'm coining a new phrase right now... are you listening, Pantone? The neutral statement piece. YES! Fluorescent neutral! I actually championed for Fluorescent Neutral a couple of years ago when I solicited (unsuccessfully) for Montana Paint to rename one of their spraypaints that color. They totally missed out.
What about you... still knee-deep in Winter wear, or are you fast fowarding to Spring? The only thing I'm knee deep in right now is glitter. *surrenders cool card* : /

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In this post...
Sweater: Charlotte Tarantola at Ambiance
Skirt: vintage, Esprit
Sequin Barrettes: Ban.do
Beaded headband: Ban.do
Cotton laundry tote: vintage, France
Eyeglasses: Betsey Johnson
Jeweled Mouse flats: Marc Jacobs
Leopard/glitter Brogues: Zara
Acrylic heels: vintage, from Jeff's grandma
Nail Polish: Butter London (in: Tart With A Heart, Knackered, & Rosie Lee) at Ambiance
Books: "Girls Fashion Style Paris" & "Paris Brocante", edition Paumes, Japan
Perfume: Tocca (Brigitte)
Glitter: Martha Stewart (Aquamarine & Rose Quartz)
Sequin/Rhinestone cuff: vintage, LACMA

Listening to: "The Only Living Boy in New York", Simon & Garfunkel
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