August 20, 2012


We recently had a very special guest in the shop...  
NATALIE, our favorite FREE PEOPLE girl came all the way down from SF to discuss the new Season collection, brainstorm ideas with us, and help style the new arrivals!  
I have two things to say about Natalie...

1. Hair envy (her long hair reminds me of a little girl's- gorgeous and glowing).
2. Girl-crush (seriously, she's just the cutest).

She's also super sweet, and had great insights to share about the upcoming Season and what Free People is bringing to the sartorial table come Fall...
Q. Hi Natalie!  
What can you tell me about the new Free People collection and the story behind it?

A. This new Season is all about the faded boho trend... Born in the USA, anything dusty, lots of creams, vintage-inspired florals, soft worn-in denim shirts, and pops of bright red and bright blue.  Traditional American colors in bohemian bodies- with a girly twist.  

Q. Which styles are you most excited about?

A. I'm SO excited about our "Shaggy" bear-like sweater.  I'll wear it night + day, I'm getting it in 2 colors.  And the "Flower Power" cardi in black with red roses and in ivory with blue roses.  I plan to live in it, and wear it on plane-rides.  

Q. How do you feel about the denim on denim trend and mixing denims with chambrays?

A. I love it!  I think that the idea of denim on denim can be intimidating, but the Free People collection is meant to be mixed matched, and played with.  It's all in the execution, and whether it's denim/chambray/ombre or floral, you can execute the trends really beautifully within this collection, and bring together a look that's current but classic.

Q. What's something that we'll see a lot of for the Fall/Winter 2012 Season?

A. Lots of denim, big oversized sweaters with tights or tight pants, and boots.  And ombre will be huge  throughout the Fall and into Holiday/Winter.  The look is a sexy take on boho style.  

Q. What's inspiring you right now?

A. My job inspires me every day!  FREE PEOPLE does such a great job of bringing together different elements and creating something cohesive to share with the world, while making pieces that feel like they were made just for me.  

Q. Ok, the best friend you just haven't met yet... go!

A. SIENNA MILLER!  She's my celebrity doppelg√§nger.  I love her style.

Q. What are you listening to?

A. My boyfriend is a dubstep DJ, so I've listened to a lot of that music lately, also a lot of electronic stuff - which is new for me.  I tend to like classic rock... ACDC. 

Q. What's your Butter London color?

A. Primrose Hill Picnic!