August 14, 2012

Saylor Rose + puppy love...

Ok, you guys...  how CRAZY CUTE is that puppy?  
His name is Trout, and we're kind of in love with him.

He belongs to Megan, the genius behind one of our favorite local labels, Saylor Rose Jewelry!  Megan was kind enough to let us puppy-nap him for a while yesterday to feature in our upcoming photos.  We were on a puppy-love high all day long after that.   Obviously.

Speaking of Saylor Rose... Have you checked out their latest offerings at Ambiance?  
These HIP HOP earrings are my latest obsession:
but CALI SWAG is pretty suh-weet:
How about the Saylor Rose classic, resin flower rings?  Such a fun conversation piece!

And this CALIFORNIA ring really makes a STATEment:  ;)