December 6, 2012

December it-girl... LAUREN!

We were so excited to meet our December it-girl, Lauren.  Her vivacious spirit and natural enthusiasm is totally contagious.  You just have to smile when you see her!  We had so much fun dressing up this adorable girl, getting to know her, and snapping loads of pics to share.  Here's a little peek into what makes Lauren a quintessential AMBIANCE girl.  
"My favorite Ambiance experience… The day my eyes met that insanely gorgeous Latico crossbody bag in the Ambiance window, I knew it had to be mine. I unzipped it only to discover the adorable floral interior and it was over… my heart had melted. At any other store I think the salesperson would have thought me insane, but Kalsee not only matched my enthusiasm about it, she may have surpassed it. That bag is the best purchase I think I have ever made and I will always remember how much fun I had making it."

Fall is Here… And I have never been more excited. As much as an oversized chunky sweater and skinny jeans is my fall “uniform,” I’m excited to switch it up and try wearing fur. A fur vest, a fur jacket… something about fur screams “luxury” and “elegance”, effortlessly. I can’t wait to find the perfect fur piece to spruce up my wardrobe. 

"I love nothing more than when someone compliments a piece of my jewelry and I can say “It was my grandma’s”,  going on shopping trips with my best friends (lattes in hand), lighting all the candles in my bedroom, listening to Ella Fitzgerald records, and having indoor picnics on the floor of my apartment..."

 An “Ambiance It Girl” loves fashion, but more importantly, she exudes a love of herself and of life. I’m Lauren Conover, and I think that I am an “Ambiance It Girl.”