December 17, 2013

Ladies, let them know...

One of the perks of working behind the scenes at my desk upstairs is listening-in on all the many reasons that bring customers into Ambiance.  My favorites are the sweet guys who come in search of something really special for the women they love.  These women are smart to send them our way.  We really love helping friends, husbands, and boyfriends find thoughtful gifts for the fashionable women in their lives.  So let them know, ladies... we're here to help.  Don't leave them in the dark when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season- you could end up with beef jerky and a magazine in your stocking!  

See that man walking out the door?  He walked in not having any idea of what to give his girlfriend for Christmas, but he knew one very important thing... "She loves your store!"  We were able to coax out the essentials, and VOILA!  He's going to make one lucky lady very happy.  She name-dropped AMbiance, and *boom* the man was on a mission.  He's about to score major points, and she's going to be so impressed with his gift-giving prowess.  Everybody wins!