April 8, 2014

Who Is Your Coachella Muse?

Another year has breezed by and festival season is upon us once again! Can you believe Coachella is only a few days away?! Well, whether you’ve been eying the ahh-mazing lineup and wishing you had bought tickets, like me, or are working on your very own collection of DIY flower crowns, there’s no denying that day dreams of Indio are prancing in our heads.

While we can all agree that the performances will be killer, there’s no denying that what you’re packing in that duffel might be just as important as what’s happening on the stage. Festival fashion always makes a splash, asking the question, how will you stand out in a sea of quirky and fabulous?

So, I decided to do my part to help motivate all you beauties to start packing! I often use bloggers and celeb street style to get my wheels turning, adding a twist to make it my own. So, this year, think of who your “Coachella Muse” might be to help inspire your own festival fashion!

I looked no further than the lineup itself for some crazy good ideas. I mean, who better than these female powerhouses, each with their own take on what’s trending now, to steal a few tricks from? Of course you’ll add your own flare, but this will help get you thinking. Think along the lines of, “What would my Muse wear?” (whoever that may be) and then run with it! Oh, and if you need a little more help, the ladies of Ambiance would  L-O-V-E to help you find something special! Come on in and check out our racks of Coachella perfect looks!

No one can pull off sundresses, flower crowns, and gold chains quite like the unpredictable and gorgeous, Lana Del Rey. She’s the perfect combination of pin up and rebel and for that we can say that yes, we like the bad girls, honey.    

Lorde’s typically goth look might seem a little dramatic for ninety degree weather but trust me, you can take a few notes from her daring duds. Black lace shorts, bold lips, a fringed cross body and funky glasses add a touch of her look, without melting in all black.  

Looking at her day- to- day life via Instagram, Ellie Goulding could very well be considered the queen of high waisted shorts, crop tops and bold screen tees. Her girly grunge look is effortlessly cool and so easy to mix and match when packing. Umm Ellie, can we be best friends?


It’s no surprise that Solange Knowles has incredibly cool style (she’s Beyonce’s sister after all). She never shies away from bold colors and prints and her collection of sunglasses is one to be envied. Including at least one statement top or dress on your packing list is key to standing out this festival season. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a pair of sunnies!!

Make memories and wear sunscreen!

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