October 28, 2014

Go Ahead, Judge a Boutique by Its Window

We don’t mean to brag buuttt did you see our incredible window display courtesy of Ruby Rose? Well if you haven’t been on Higuera lately and didn’t see this wonderful piece of display splendor—feast your eyes on it here. As our go- to spot for a vintage fix in downtown San Luis Obispo—a collaboration between our boutique and Ruby Rose was pretty darn perfect if we do say so ourselves.

While we're on the subject of Ruby Roseyou are definitely missing out if you haven’t peeked into their new location! Always filled to the brim with amazing vintage finds, it is now conveniently nestled right on Monterey Street. 

Make your way over and get lost in an array of clothing, furniture and knick- knacks you never knew you needed. We promise you’ll fall in love with this charming little nook as much as we have. 

So go on and judge our store by its window—and Ruby Rose’s too—we know our store- fronts have it going on.  

Photos courtesy of Ruby Rose 
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