October 6, 2010

Sooo... how do you feel about...

This socks and heels business?

I'm kinda on the fence. On one hand, I love the girlishness of it, and you know- I'm a sucker for anything conjuring the Fruits images of Harajuku* and the coquette street-wear girls. But on the other hand, I feel like unless you've got insanely long legs, this particular ankle break can really cut you down to size in a very unflattering line. Also, personally it's hard for me to have a bare leg in a full-coverage shoe; something about it feels very hard to wear for me- but I'll spare you that tangent. Though I must say, that slouchy sweater sock (second from last) at the Michael Kors Paris show might sway me. YUM!

*the street in Japan, not the Gwen Stefani brand.

Photos in no particular order (sorry, I'm not an organized person):
Sartorialist, Bensoni, Wildfox, Cynthia Rowley, Michael Kors.

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