December 1, 2010


Anastasia Thompson, designer of Sacred Treasures jewelry, would like to celebrate her one year anniversary with the wonderful customers of Ambiance.

As many of you already know, Sacred Treasures is the sister line to HEAVEN, which was launched right here at Ambiance six years ago.
A year ago Kannyn and Anastasia were brainstorming about what else the Ambiance customer might be looking for in the jewelry realm.
With some new ideas and a thirst for creating, Anastasia raced home and began designing the new line.

Both HEAVEN and Sacred Treasures are put together lovingly from timeless relics of generations past, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a balance between modern days and yesteryear.

If you have not already purchased one of these works of art, or if you are simply adding to your collection, now is the time...For the month of December, Anastasia and Ambiance are spreading the love...
For every item you purchase from either HEAVEN and/or Sacred Treasures jewels you will receive
20% off
these already amazingly priced gems !!!

This is your big chance and it is only happening at Ambiance..where it all began !
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