September 5, 2012

Q+A with guest-stylist, JEN OLSON of Localette!

Have you visited Localette?  Spend 5 minutes with this delightfully delicious blog, by local foodie/mommy/photographer Jen Olson and you'll understand the term "food porn".  
Localette is full of delectable recipes, and food shots so steamy, melty, and fresh - you'll want to add them to your vision board.  I don't know how, but Jen makes food look stunning.   And did I mention that Jen herself is stunning?  Her photographer's eye for details, and expert styling acumen made her a natural choice for guest-stylist at our upcoming Style Sessions event at AMBIANCE.  Yes, we stalk her blog and get excited when she posts on instagram... but we wanted to get to know the real Jen.  Happily, she humored us with a telling q+a that reveals the lady behind the lens. 

Q. HI JEN!  Describe a typical day-in-the-life for you... 

A. Cuddles from the kiddo, coffee, check emails while running to preschool or taking Jesse on the Bob Jones trail, work play lunch, naptime battles, work play dinner…then..? (refer to #8..)

Q. Tell me about what's inspired you lately?

A. Instagram... from dreamy artists like @brittneypanda and @genessalynn, to foodies like @pennydelossantos and @whatkatieate.

Q. What’s a dream project for you?

A. An e-zine collaboration with all of my talented SLO artist friends…art, food, music, style, nature, celebrations…all centered around the central coast.

Q. Ok, you have 5 minutes to get dressed, what are you wearing?

A. 4 minutes go to dressing my 3 year old... in the last minute I'll throw on a long tank, cut off shorts / skinny jeans, and usually a drapey cardigan. My best accessory? Messy hair!

Q. Guilty pleasure?

A. Too many: iced coffees, spontaneous dinner parties, thrift stores, ice-cold dirty martinis from Luna Red, cookbooks, bacon.

Q. If you could go back and say one thing to yourself at 20, what would it be?

A. Hi Jen, so make all the same choices…but take that trip to France you're about to turn're really gonna regret that one if you don't.  Eye contact and a smile are some of the best things you can have to get through life.

Q. Best friend you haven't met yet/Celebrity doppelganger?

A. Best friend? Joy the Baker. I have a girl crush on her.  Doppelganger? The past year I've been told it's Emma Stone. Which is an incredible insult to the poor girl, but a lovely compliment for me ;)

Q. Favorite midnight snack?

A. A good bourbon and a dark chocolate chip cookie. This doesn't happen often enough in my life.

Q. Favorite brands/designers?

A. Anything from Joie, to Free People, to Tucker, to Show Me Your Mumu… anything pretty, comfy and flowy.

10. Which Butter London color encapsulates you and why?
Bossy Boots! I'm the mama of a 3 year old… 'nuff said.
Be sure to stop by AMBIANCE this Friday, to meet Jen (from 2-6)
and our other very special guest-stylist, Natalie of Free People SF.