September 13, 2012

Wild at heart...

Have you spied our new favorite home item in the shop?  
 With so many interesting and sweet sayings to choose from, BANTER BANNERS are so much FUN!  I've got "JOIE DE VIVRE" & "BEAUTY IN LITTLE THINGS" doubled-up on my living room wall.  They also make the sweetest gift!  I was able to squeeze one into a greeting card envelope.  Now that's the sort of card I want to get!  How about "SWEET DREAMS" above a bed?  Or "XOXO" when you really want to send a message...  Super cute and earthquake proof!  I love homemade banners/bunting/garlands, but those without the time or inclination to make their own *ahem, cough cough* shouldn't be left out in the cold.  Sure, you could buy a letter banner from a party store but who wants a boring old, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" when you can have "WILD AT HEART"?!  These elegant-kitsch versions are perfect for every celebration and non-celebration alike.  In fact, their motto is: "because we should celebrate everyday."  Meaning: You could hang one just for a party or special occasion, but I say leave 'em up!  Everything looks better under a banner!  

$10 a pop at AMBIANCE - come pick out yours today!