January 17, 2013

Oh, Darling...

I recently discovered Darling Magazine via my friend Grant, and instantly fell in love with their mission and voice. It’s a different kind of magazine- not only incredibly artful and clean, but full of thought provoking, meaningful articles written by intelligent women. Darling is a breath of fresh air.
This gorgeous quarterly is full of wisdom and inspiration, touching on every element of your life- from home, to relationships, fashion, and beauty. Photos are never photoshopped and women are always shown in their true (beautiful) state. If Audrey Hepburn had designed a magazine, this would be it.  See their mission statement below:

DARLING is available now at AMBIANCE!

A peek at a few of their most popular articles: photoshopping our souls awayi don’t want to compete anymoreredefining beautyhealthy vs. skinny, and the naked brunch.