January 15, 2013

State of Grace...

Say hello to our January Book Club pick! If you've yet to join us for a club meeting, this is a great time to start.  Just some book-loving girls getting together over slices of cake, and mugs of tea- to chit chat about what we've read.  There are often great differences of opinion, but it's all in good fun.  Our next meeting will be at Linnaea's cafe on Tuesday, February 5th at 6:30pm.  I'm so anxious to discuss this book and hear what everyone has to say about the iconic fashion legend that is Grace Coddington.
Yes, I am a Grace Coddington fan.  The hair, the cats, the iconic fashion spreads... She is brave, bold, and brilliant.  Trying to explain the obsession- words fall short.  You really have to see for yourself what makes her so special.  If you know her, you love her.  If you don't and you have even a vague interest in fashion, photography, and styling- I suggest:

Read: GRACE, A Memoir (available locally at Barnes & Noble)
See: An image search of her jaw-dropping spreads.
Watch: The September Issue (streams on netflix)!

{P.S. My favorite GRACE review is here}