March 1, 2014

We love...

Are you as obsessed with the "Old Loves" tumblr as we are?  The site recently gained about 5 billion new followers when Lena Dunham came across her boyfriend with his old flame Scarlett Johansson.  If that doesn't induce a panic attack, I don't what will… but she took it in stride and even felt "flattered" to be in the same, uh… company as Scarlett.  Old Loves is so much fun.  Who doesn't enjoy reminiscing about the good old days when this was happening:

Sean Penn + Madonna

 and this…
Reese + Ryan

Lenny + Lisa

   Johnny + Kate!!!

But awwww…
Heath + Michelle


Who are your favorite "old loves"?  Does it make you think about your own exes… and is that a good or a bad thing?